Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Persian Spring Rituals in La Plaza last night!

Satan worshipping is so 80's! Why not go over to La Plaza Cultural Garden and jump over some fires for spring in a non satanic ritual? It can't hurt! Which is what I did and WHEEE! It was fun! Here are some pics I took there..and some pics my friend Cashman took of me and a few videos too! In one I chicken out and jump to the side which is bad luck so they made me jump again. Heh. What can I say? The flames were as tall as my neck! Little kids and their parents were jumping and then someone burned a wreath which sizzled and went up like mad. Really fun annual neighborhood event! Lots of fun crazy shit going on all spring and it's all starting now. Like the Mr LES pageant Reverend Jen hosts every year and it's even back in the LES this year! I cant wait to judge all the smelly testicles on stage! That's on the 21st at the Slipper Room.
Anytrump, here are the stuffs!

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