Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Pete Missing's mural on Houston and 2nd ave and other stuffs!

HOW DO FOLKS! I am good good good! I made a vow to blog at least three times a week and as soon as I did that it dwindled down to once every ten days. WHEE! I am just busy...not the warmest spring yet but I am still running around doing stuffs and more stuffs. I have a little over two months until I leave NYC and I have all the time in the world to blog in France but it's all waterfalls and beach and then everyone hates me. Still thrilled I got to meet Jools Holland in London and we are hoping to be on his show as he liked our band! Would be SO great! SO SO SO great!
Anyway, my pal Pete Missing has been painting a great mural on Houston and 2nd with his partner. I am just going to link Vanishing NY's post on this here as he has all the details. I have been there to hang out and it's nice to stop by and bring the guys coffee and stuff. So here is more info and I am excited Missing Foundation will be playing soon-twice! INFO!
Then I was lucky enough to find the coldest water on the block! A pretty bold statement but when I poured it all over these girls and yelled WET T-SHIRT CONTEST they screamed so I think it IS the coldest!
Then we have the cutest dog ever-Angelina! She was rescued by my friend Holly who runs WAGGYTAIL RESCUE in NYC. She saves so many pups from being put down. If you want to adopt or foster a small dog she is the one to go to. Holly and I are planning a fun YouTube channel where we interview celebs and NYC characters who have rescue dogs. We have a fun list of celebs we are going to chat with and I will be taping it all. I think Titus from Kimmy S show said yes. James Bdage Dale the actor I know from the dog run. A few others... Now we just need to learn iMovie! John will show us the basics. Exciting!
Then there is Pezent Shayne at CSquat who says Alice Cooper is likely his real dad and with that pic I cannot argue. And a last pic of model and dancer Debbee May with Holly Derito on one of our interviews we did this week as a warm up.
Some gigs coming up soon..May 6th we play at the American Folk Museum by Lincoln Center...May 24th a few tunes at my friend Liam's comedy album release show at the Housing Works Bookshop.
And when the Crumbs get here end of May we record some live stuff for our new album Coney Island Baby. This year is pretty pretty pretty good!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pics from London...or "photographs" as they used to be called way back when.

I have way too many pics from London on my laptop so I just uploaded a crapload of them so I can post about NYC stuff that is going on soon already! Finally over my jet lag and stuff and with this great weather I am back in the thick of it. The only negative about London is that it was raining a lot and also cold! Weird to be layering up in April but the again NYC was the same really.
So here are the PHOTOGRAPHS of stuff and things and other stuff. The soho area has been cleaned up a lot but there are still strip clubs and fun gay clubs around that are sandwiched between fancy restaurants and pubs.
As you can see the choice of beverages in the bodegas is SPECTACULAR. I want a beef pot pie shake though! Then we saw Aline speak at a women in comix thing at the House of Illustration. I think it's 100 female comic artists and Aline was at the top of the list there for speaking and signing her books. It was great! Aline is so so funny.
We also had the best time at Sir John Soanes museum. Holy crap I love museums anyway but this was something else! There was a sarcophagus in the guys living room. He collected EVERYTHING. No camera allowed in though.
We also hit up Camden market which was so insane and big. I got a pic of John talking to this crazy lady about 78s. I love the accent so much there I had to walk away. Every time she said something like "This is Tex Ritter love! It's only 3 pounds love! Are you keen on him?" I wanted to hug her and not let go for an uncomfortable amount of time.
Then the ice cream truck which sums up how I feel about kids perfectly. Some Bubble and Squeak for ya love? A Harry Potter type building and some anti-cop graffiti which was kinda funny.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

London and Zwirner Gallery show with Crumb!

AHHH! I don't even know where to start here! So much has happened and I have so many pics...some places that are amazing like the Groucho Club and the John Soanes Museum do not allow photos but here are some pics from the Zwirner Show for the Art & Beauty release and some random other pics of stuff in London in the Soho area. This has been one swanky trip for us! The gallery folks are so nice and have gone out of their way to make sure we are comfortable and having a good time. 
We have wandered around, gone shopping, eaten in great restaurants....the show was so fun though of course my voice was shot once again! I always overuse it at bars and stuff before gigs then I can't sing the next day...but I did the best I could and everyone loved it. And the publicity....holy crow! I think my drawing is in the New York Times magazine as seen on twitter...and of course Jacques Hyzagi has once again made my Crumb post on here go viral. Thanks Jacques! You sure are swell! 
Did I mention Jools Holland was at our gig and really dug us? Who knows maybe we will appear on his show in the summer! 
It was great seeing Robert and Aline..and Lora Fontaine...and Paul Morris. The Groucho Club is posh as fuck....tonight is our last night here and we are just in already and packing. We saw and did so much and the Crumb's have left already. Nice to be in our fancy hotel and look online for pics and reviews of our show. I looked forward to this trip immensely and it exceeded my expectations! I just loved London and loved playing and meeting celebs and man...I am loving this year so far and my crazy life! 

Another one which links our band site yay!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Playing Brooklyn Folk Fest tonight; leaving for London tomorrow.

Just a quick post since I have been crazy busy and I leave for London tomorrow to play at the David Zwirner gallery with R Crumb. It's the opening of the Art & Beauty exhibit there so we will be playing in the actual gallery which should be funny. I like it that way best. No stage, no fancy stuff-just playing. In the middle of a fancy gallery filled with Crumb's drawings. Heh. This should  be fun! I hope we get to play in front of the one of my mom and I. And her eyes follow my every move...
I have some pics from Friday at the Brooklyn Folk fest...and from last night when I went with my sisters to see the Headless Horsemen. My older sister used to date one of the members and was part of the whole garage scene in NYC in the 80's. She lived with Andrea from the Lunachix and played keyboards in her own band. I used to have a Fuzztones vest which I wore to school when I was like 8 and got made fun of mercilessly. I got into non mainstream music super early so my pebbles and nuggets comp phase happened when I was around 11. Then it was all about the Dead when I was 12. No wonder I had a miserable time in grade school and junior high in queens. BUT I HAVE THE LAST LAUGH NOW! All my classmates never moved away from Flushing and they all have 3 kids and two mortgages. Heh.
I have pics from the Headless Horsmen show too but they are nothing special and i gotta go to brooklyn now so I will just link the show we will be playing in London. The gig part is invite only with a private dinner after at the Groucho Club where we will be staying for a week. Can't wait!

EDIT: Okay we had a great gig at the Bk Folk fest and I decided to upload a few pics on here real quick before it's time to try to get some sleep before London! Great time and what a stage!
Some kids dancing..and playing too! The Birdman of Rome a famous busker and the first international guest to play the folk fest and quite a character! And us up on the amazing stage with Ernesto Gomez on harmonica! FUN FUN FUN! Playing music is the most fun thing ever. It really is.
Top pic is my sisters and I at Arlene's Grocery. The Browers Three! BEWARE.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Wotta week! Jacques Hyzagi goes bananas and the world embraces it!

So this week the Observer published an article by Jacques Hyzagi who is the sworn enemy of Robert Crumb, who is a very good friend of mine as you all know. In fact, next week after the Brooklyn Folk fest gig John and I are being flown to London to play a gig with Crumb at the David Zwirner gallery for the release of the third and last issue of Art & Beauty. I am BEYOND excited to not only play this fancy, celeb filled private gig but also to be staying at the famous Groucho Club! Bono and I can be besties! I can do blow with Kate Moss!
First I will link the rebuttal from Crumb who was interviewed by Hyzagi last fall and was NOT happy with the results of this interview at all. Robert asked me to post his response to it on my blog and try and get it read by as many people as possible. I did my best and did pretty well however it just takes a few celebs and popular web sites to make something go viral and that is exactly what happened this week. The article "Elle on Earth" by Jacques is an insane rant about the fashion industry and journalism. Or it's a jumbled, poorly written stream of consciousness about how angry he is about not getting his way and being ignored. Or both. Or neither. Some thought it was an April Fool's Day joke. It's not. This is what the guy is really like. He made a twitter account to defend himself against the "idiots" and "dum cunts" who are making fun of his horrendous barely readable writing and it's glorious! I think my blog sort of went viral too. I got so many hits I cant keep track anymore. Well over 30,000 in three days. So I am satisfied Crumb's rebuttal has been shared and posted and read as much as it possibly can be and all this has just been hysterical. Karma is a real thing and this guy sure got his! He got that fame he craves so badly but he is more infamous than famous. Racked made an Insult Generator where they took phrases from the Observer article and other stuff Jacques has written and insult you with it. I think i got "You are a giant douchey woman who doesn't know what Dada is."
Anyway this post is going to be all links to stuff plus some screen shots from the best twitter account that exists now. The infamous tantrum throwing illiterate JACQUES HYZAGI!

First Crumb's rebuttal:

The Observer Elle on Earth article:

Articles on Jezebel about The Elle on Earth article:

Racked Insult Generator!

Hollywood Reporter Interview with Jacques:

The latest interview with Hyzagi at the Guardian:

And if you've made it this far down the rabbit hole you can check out the band I play in with Robert Crumb at our website HERE and if you click on the Old Time Radio Show link- you can hear our 78rpm podcast free! Many episodes with Crumb and other special guests. Music and shooting the shit about aliens and sex and what not.
And our stuff is up on sale on Amazon, iTunes and from us personally at our eBay page: