Saturday, April 16, 2016

London and Zwirner Gallery show with Crumb!

AHHH! I don't even know where to start here! So much has happened and I have so many pics...some places that are amazing like the Groucho Club and the John Soanes Museum do not allow photos but here are some pics from the Zwirner Show for the Art & Beauty release and some random other pics of stuff in London in the Soho area. This has been one swanky trip for us! The gallery folks are so nice and have gone out of their way to make sure we are comfortable and having a good time. 
We have wandered around, gone shopping, eaten in great restaurants....the show was so fun though of course my voice was shot once again! I always overuse it at bars and stuff before gigs then I can't sing the next day...but I did the best I could and everyone loved it. And the publicity....holy crow! I think my drawing is in the New York Times magazine as seen on twitter...and of course Jacques Hyzagi has once again made my Crumb post on here go viral. Thanks Jacques! You sure are swell! 
Did I mention Jools Holland was at our gig and really dug us? Who knows maybe we will appear on his show in the summer! 
It was great seeing Robert and Aline..and Lora Fontaine...and Paul Morris. The Groucho Club is posh as fuck....tonight is our last night here and we are just in already and packing. We saw and did so much and the Crumb's have left already. Nice to be in our fancy hotel and look online for pics and reviews of our show. I looked forward to this trip immensely and it exceeded my expectations! I just loved London and loved playing and meeting celebs and man...I am loving this year so far and my crazy life! 

Another one which links our band site yay!

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  1. Jeez Eden, I'm really digging your travel adventures! London is the bomb -- I want to go back and see more myself. Love the photos from the show -- it looks like it was a blast. I'm sure it was. Keep the travel posts coming, they're a fun read.