Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Pete Missing's mural on Houston and 2nd ave and other stuffs!

HOW DO FOLKS! I am good good good! I made a vow to blog at least three times a week and as soon as I did that it dwindled down to once every ten days. WHEE! I am just busy...not the warmest spring yet but I am still running around doing stuffs and more stuffs. I have a little over two months until I leave NYC and I have all the time in the world to blog in France but it's all waterfalls and beach and then everyone hates me. Still thrilled I got to meet Jools Holland in London and we are hoping to be on his show as he liked our band! Would be SO great! SO SO SO great!
Anyway, my pal Pete Missing has been painting a great mural on Houston and 2nd with his partner. I am just going to link Vanishing NY's post on this here as he has all the details. I have been there to hang out and it's nice to stop by and bring the guys coffee and stuff. So here is more info and I am excited Missing Foundation will be playing soon-twice! INFO!
Then I was lucky enough to find the coldest water on the block! A pretty bold statement but when I poured it all over these girls and yelled WET T-SHIRT CONTEST they screamed so I think it IS the coldest!
Then we have the cutest dog ever-Angelina! She was rescued by my friend Holly who runs WAGGYTAIL RESCUE in NYC. She saves so many pups from being put down. If you want to adopt or foster a small dog she is the one to go to. Holly and I are planning a fun YouTube channel where we interview celebs and NYC characters who have rescue dogs. We have a fun list of celebs we are going to chat with and I will be taping it all. I think Titus from Kimmy S show said yes. James Bdage Dale the actor I know from the dog run. A few others... Now we just need to learn iMovie! John will show us the basics. Exciting!
Then there is Pezent Shayne at CSquat who says Alice Cooper is likely his real dad and with that pic I cannot argue. And a last pic of model and dancer Debbee May with Holly Derito on one of our interviews we did this week as a warm up.
Some gigs coming up soon..May 6th we play at the American Folk Museum by Lincoln Center...May 24th a few tunes at my friend Liam's comedy album release show at the Housing Works Bookshop.
And when the Crumbs get here end of May we record some live stuff for our new album Coney Island Baby. This year is pretty pretty pretty good!

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