Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pics from London...or "photographs" as they used to be called way back when.

I have way too many pics from London on my laptop so I just uploaded a crapload of them so I can post about NYC stuff that is going on soon already! Finally over my jet lag and stuff and with this great weather I am back in the thick of it. The only negative about London is that it was raining a lot and also cold! Weird to be layering up in April but the again NYC was the same really.
So here are the PHOTOGRAPHS of stuff and things and other stuff. The soho area has been cleaned up a lot but there are still strip clubs and fun gay clubs around that are sandwiched between fancy restaurants and pubs.
As you can see the choice of beverages in the bodegas is SPECTACULAR. I want a beef pot pie shake though! Then we saw Aline speak at a women in comix thing at the House of Illustration. I think it's 100 female comic artists and Aline was at the top of the list there for speaking and signing her books. It was great! Aline is so so funny.
We also had the best time at Sir John Soanes museum. Holy crap I love museums anyway but this was something else! There was a sarcophagus in the guys living room. He collected EVERYTHING. No camera allowed in though.
We also hit up Camden market which was so insane and big. I got a pic of John talking to this crazy lady about 78s. I love the accent so much there I had to walk away. Every time she said something like "This is Tex Ritter love! It's only 3 pounds love! Are you keen on him?" I wanted to hug her and not let go for an uncomfortable amount of time.
Then the ice cream truck which sums up how I feel about kids perfectly. Some Bubble and Squeak for ya love? A Harry Potter type building and some anti-cop graffiti which was kinda funny.

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  1. Ohh, just ANOTHER article about you crazy kids :

    EXCELLENT pics, as always! Thanks for taking us along ;^)