Sunday, April 10, 2016

Playing Brooklyn Folk Fest tonight; leaving for London tomorrow.

Just a quick post since I have been crazy busy and I leave for London tomorrow to play at the David Zwirner gallery with R Crumb. It's the opening of the Art & Beauty exhibit there so we will be playing in the actual gallery which should be funny. I like it that way best. No stage, no fancy stuff-just playing. In the middle of a fancy gallery filled with Crumb's drawings. Heh. This should  be fun! I hope we get to play in front of the one of my mom and I. And her eyes follow my every move...
I have some pics from Friday at the Brooklyn Folk fest...and from last night when I went with my sisters to see the Headless Horsemen. My older sister used to date one of the members and was part of the whole garage scene in NYC in the 80's. She lived with Andrea from the Lunachix and played keyboards in her own band. I used to have a Fuzztones vest which I wore to school when I was like 8 and got made fun of mercilessly. I got into non mainstream music super early so my pebbles and nuggets comp phase happened when I was around 11. Then it was all about the Dead when I was 12. No wonder I had a miserable time in grade school and junior high in queens. BUT I HAVE THE LAST LAUGH NOW! All my classmates never moved away from Flushing and they all have 3 kids and two mortgages. Heh.
I have pics from the Headless Horsmen show too but they are nothing special and i gotta go to brooklyn now so I will just link the show we will be playing in London. The gig part is invite only with a private dinner after at the Groucho Club where we will be staying for a week. Can't wait!

EDIT: Okay we had a great gig at the Bk Folk fest and I decided to upload a few pics on here real quick before it's time to try to get some sleep before London! Great time and what a stage!
Some kids dancing..and playing too! The Birdman of Rome a famous busker and the first international guest to play the folk fest and quite a character! And us up on the amazing stage with Ernesto Gomez on harmonica! FUN FUN FUN! Playing music is the most fun thing ever. It really is.
Top pic is my sisters and I at Arlene's Grocery. The Browers Three! BEWARE.

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