Sunday, April 3, 2016

Wotta week! Jacques Hyzagi goes bananas and the world embraces it!

So this week the Observer published an article by Jacques Hyzagi who is the sworn enemy of Robert Crumb, who is a very good friend of mine as you all know. In fact, next week after the Brooklyn Folk fest gig John and I are being flown to London to play a gig with Crumb at the David Zwirner gallery for the release of the third and last issue of Art & Beauty. I am BEYOND excited to not only play this fancy, celeb filled private gig but also to be staying at the famous Groucho Club! Bono and I can be besties! I can do blow with Kate Moss!
First I will link the rebuttal from Crumb who was interviewed by Hyzagi last fall and was NOT happy with the results of this interview at all. Robert asked me to post his response to it on my blog and try and get it read by as many people as possible. I did my best and did pretty well however it just takes a few celebs and popular web sites to make something go viral and that is exactly what happened this week. The article "Elle on Earth" by Jacques is an insane rant about the fashion industry and journalism. Or it's a jumbled, poorly written stream of consciousness about how angry he is about not getting his way and being ignored. Or both. Or neither. Some thought it was an April Fool's Day joke. It's not. This is what the guy is really like. He made a twitter account to defend himself against the "idiots" and "dum cunts" who are making fun of his horrendous barely readable writing and it's glorious! I think my blog sort of went viral too. I got so many hits I cant keep track anymore. Well over 30,000 in three days. So I am satisfied Crumb's rebuttal has been shared and posted and read as much as it possibly can be and all this has just been hysterical. Karma is a real thing and this guy sure got his! He got that fame he craves so badly but he is more infamous than famous. Racked made an Insult Generator where they took phrases from the Observer article and other stuff Jacques has written and insult you with it. I think i got "You are a giant douchey woman who doesn't know what Dada is."
Anyway this post is going to be all links to stuff plus some screen shots from the best twitter account that exists now. The infamous tantrum throwing illiterate JACQUES HYZAGI!

First Crumb's rebuttal:

The Observer Elle on Earth article:

Articles on Jezebel about The Elle on Earth article:

Racked Insult Generator!

Hollywood Reporter Interview with Jacques:

The latest interview with Hyzagi at the Guardian:

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