Monday, May 23, 2016

My favorite annual event! The NYC Dance Parade!

So happy that friends came into town and so much fun stuff was going on and it did not get rained out! It's totally summer this week! FUCK YEAH FUCK YEAH FUCK YEAH!
The main thing was the FUN AS FUCK Dance Parade on Saturday and I took so many videos and pics! But not sure how to get videos off my phone to this site so I will just post the pics. Also, I can't be on my phone all the time as I took a dance class there and got down for over two hours with my friends! Lots of crazy costumes there of course and some really incredible dancers. I just shake my big booty and add in a coochie pop once in a while for good measure. Or I just jump up and down and swing my hair around. My redhead companion was my good friend Syd who lives for dancing too so we had a great time. What a scene! Saw so many old school freaks there I was in heaven.

Where to begin? The Toad floats were there blasting music we all got down to...salsa dancers, samba, girls with Prince shaved into their heads on skates, a little kids dance off which was so great, the stilt people walking around, the Dance Police gave me a citation for not dancing while I was walking around..the crazy regulars from the park danced to Love Shack by the fountain...Crazy Dave was even there! And the pros who took the main stage who were so so good. I really needed my video camera but I just can't film much at an event like this one which is almost made for me.
Anyway, tomorrow my friend Liam has a comedy album release show at Housing Works I was supposed to do a few tunes at but John got called in to work on Maya and Marty which is his dream job so we backed out but I will be there for the show. Housing Works Bookshop at 7pm come see Carla Rhodes a Rock and Roll ventriloquist, Joe Garden from the Onion, Frank Conniff from Mystery Science Theatre and much more!
Wednesday is 88 degrees and I am hitting the beach with John. Then soon after the Crumbs come in to town and I need to record with Robert for our new album plus my sis who now lives with the drummer from the Brian Wilson Band is coming in from LA to visit. Two weeks of insane fun and it is going to be like summer out! If you want to hang out with me and we are buds now is the time! I feel like I haven't been home in days now except to get some sleep!

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