Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Pot Parade! Marijuana March! Weed! Drugs! Legalize! Stoners!

Quick post as I have been out a bunch despite the non-spring going on. This is my birthday week and John is off a lot and I got stuff to do every night and friends to see and possibly get wasted with!
Went to see my mom-in-law in CT for Mom's Day which was fun and mellow.
But before that John and I hit a bunch of street fairs and then Union Square for the pot parade and the farmer's market. So. Damn. Insane! Besides the pot rally folks every crazy jesus freak was out some with the most incredible signs I have ever seen! 
Got some pics of that aline with other weird stuff...and John caught me dancing to Beyonce with my 5th st neighbors at the 2nd ave street fair which was actually a fun event for once. 
May is almost half over and once my birthday passes the Crumbs will be here...lots to catch them up on though we just saw them in London and lots of plans to make to get ready for our trip to Sauve and Portugal this summer! Time is flying when life is a fun adventure! An INSANE FUN ADVENTURE EVEN AT MY RIPE OLD AGE OF OLDNESS.

The pic of John and I was taken by Stacie Joy...the Rachel Ray pic is up because Jan Heneghan is John's mom and he got her name up on TV cause he works there...and the bottom pic I just thought was funny. Beware astrologers and sports nuts people! You have been warned! 

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