Monday, May 16, 2016

St Marks is Dead but sexy public yoga is not!

Just a quick post! I hit Ada Calhoun's reading from her book St Marks is Dead a few days ago at Exit 9 gift shop. Love that place and the people who run it are cool as hell. Top pic is of a girl doing yoga on the grass while some crazy guy is just enjoying the view...I had to move spots later as he started yelling at the trees and trying to talk to me.
Moostruck Diner or Kitchen Sink as it's called now on my block is no longer 24 hours. Sign of the times sadly enough! Then my friends dog Angelina loves my tampons! But who doesn't?
The bottom pic is of John's new comp that just got a review in Blues magazine by Tony Russell which is awesome! Jack White bought a copy of it too we heard which can only help. This year is pretty great and keeps getting better! Good karma is real. When you're a garbage person your life is garbage. When you're kind good things happen. Simple fact.
My birthday was mellow and fun and this weekend unless it rains should be fun...Dance Parade at Tompkins and the Missing Foundation show on Sunday! Got a fun gig on the 24th at Housing Works bookshop too. And 7 weeks until France where it's 80 already! Whee!

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