Saturday, May 7, 2016

Stuff and Things! Things! Stuff!

Today is the Pot Parade in Union Square so I am about to go check that out with John..but here are some pics of THINGS. My birthday is next week and I would like that Blue Velvet Play Set please. I am 3 years and up I think. Then Dave with another one of his infamous shirts in Tompkins Dog Run..and I have been memed in the ridiculous Ace is Calling Facebook group. Heh! It needs a caption though really.
Then last night John and I played at the Folk Art Museum at Lincoln Center which was fun as fuck. They have a great exhibit up now but I only got some kinda lame pics as we were there playing for about two hours.
After that John, who is off work all week(yay!) and I went to see Green Room which was hilarious and AMC has put in these new seats which I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE THEY WERE THE BEST SEATS THAT I HAVE SAT IN EVER!
AnyTrump, things are good...playing a few tunes at the Housing Works Bookshop ion the 24th for my friend Liam's comedy album release show...the Crumbs come into town in about 2 weeks or so....we record with Robert for our live album then which should be fun...more stuff happening but who can keep track of it all? It's spring and I leave NYC for the summer in about 8 weeks. Yip yip!

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