Sunday, June 5, 2016

Crumb pics and recording at Jalopy!

Ahh so busy before we leave! Crumb and Aline just left and I was asked to post some music pics and stuff...I tried to upload a video from my iPhone so we will see if that comes out. We recorded live at Jalopy and it was fun as hell. So nerve wracking for me! One mistake we all start over...however it was so relaxed and fun it was no problem. We will finish our new album Coney Island Baby by the end of the year...some we will record with Crumb in France in July and some will be another session at Jalopy clean it up.
Great weekend full of music, friends, an INSANE show in the park I have many pics of  I will post soon and much more. I also got tipsy for the first time in well over a year and man that was fun but going to bed at 5am and getting up five hours later hungover was not so fun! Drinking is good in moderation really as I need to be able to get stuff done.  My sister Robyn is here from Burbank and we will be at the outdoor fest at Mccarran Park backstage with the Brian Wilson Band so that should be fun...and it better not rain! Life is short gotta get to writing and music and guitar...writing a TON lately as I have so many crazy stories and more keep happening. And travel of course. This year we try to buy an apt in France and we will also be going to Portugal too. Cannot wait! Life is good friend-o's!

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