Sunday, June 26, 2016


Okay my countdown to leaving NYC for the summer(about 6 weeks) has begun and I am busy as fuck. John went to visit his bro and nieces in Sweden for almost two weeks and while he was gone I went out just about every night...mainly because it's summer finally and I just can't be inside when it's this nice out every day. Also there's shows, parties, event and all kinds of shit going on before I leave and since life in the south of France is VERY different than here I want to hit as much as I can before John and I split. Will it be crazy in Europe? Probably. But the south of France is mellow as can be.
I am uploading every pic on my computer this week and these are from a show in Tompkins that was about two weeks ago. Purple Pam played and was singing to her bandmates kid which was adorable. Eak the geek and Angel were there and so was Jessie Camp that old MTV VJ who is like 7 feet tall hanging out with his ex bandmate Spike and others. The purple Prince piano is gone from the park but when it was there that guy was playing it every day and asking people to have sing-a-longs around the piano which sort of happened at times. I have more pics from this show that are far crazier but there was another show after it Folk the Park that was about 8 hours long and it's just sort of the same pics really. Good stuff going on lately in my own personal little piece of the world so that is always swell. I am excited to go back to Freedom France to see the Crumbs and finish recording our new album with Robert too along with hanging out with Aline and my pal Sophie and her three, yes THREE kids she has now. Last year I was the first one to hold her newborn and I nearly had a heart attack. So tiny and fragile! Me that is! What if I slipped on a banana peel and dropped it?? I slip on them all the time!
Sauve has a whole cast of characters who live there now and it's like the Crumb empire of weirdness and I am so happy to be a part of it that this may be the year John and I put down money on a place. We will certainly be looking at apartments and houses so we can be there more often and you never know what will open up there. It's the weirdest little medieval village and I love it! We have so many friends there now it is really a second home but one we don't see as much of as we would like to.

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