Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Dismantling of Rev Jen's Troll Museum

So LES icon Reverend Jen was forcibly AND illegally evicted from her apartment today which was also the home of the Troll Museum which had hundreds of troll dolls in it that she has been collecting for decades now. I went over there at around 2pm and things were already getting bagged up and brought down the 6th floor walkup by many of her friends. I helped out and also grabbed a few things I will hold for her as she goes to court July 20th to fight this insanity.
Vanishing New York has the story up so I am just going to link to that and let these photos speak for themselves. I uploaded one video of people helping her decide what to take and bringing it to the streets. Since it's the Rev we managed to have some fun as she told us stories about parties and things that happened there throughout the years but all in all it was extremely sad. More of our hood bites the dust. 

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