Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Last Days of ABC No Rio.

So ABC No Rio which has been around forever as first a squat then an art space that also had punks shows is closing in a few weeks. Well, it won't be where it is now anymore the way it is now which is really sad news. I started going there when I was 16 I think and had some crazy times in that basement seeing some old school NYC punk and grind bands. They also had a darkroom which many put to use and a room for making stencils, mainly political ones.
I hit the opening of the last days of art shows last night and knew just about everyone there. It was super packed and I did not shoot video but I did try to get some photos so I will post some here. There was a room of all CDs with a DJ, A rocket ship made solely out of old cassette tapes, a zine room and much more. Worth checking out for sure and there are several last punk shows happening there at the end of the month with some big names.
The punk venue The Grand Victory is closing too in the new two weeks another place I really liked. Sigh...If Trump wins this election France is looking better and better.

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