Wednesday, July 27, 2016

More France stuff as I am still in France! Did I mention I am in France? I am in France. France.

Ahhh another week went by and I did not blog! Too busy and too much fun going on. When I am online I am catching up on the RNC and now the DNC stuff or watching Netflix with the hubby. So here are a mess o' pics from random stuff we have done...I have so much more so I am going to try and throw everything up this week as we are going to Portugal with the Crumbs for a week on Saturday!
We went to see David Gilmour at the famous Roman Arena in Nimes...felt pretty nostalgic for me from my hippie days and what a venue! Show was too long and not as much old stuff as I wanted to hear but I am more of a Syd Barrett gal anyway of course. But look at those fucking guys from Barcelona! They MADE those shirts to come to Nimes and wear them at the show. Heh! I kept trying to sneak pics with them until they finally just grabbed me and made both John and I pose with them. So funny. John had no choice they were wasted at 3pm and we ran into them ten times.
Top pics are some stores I think are funny in Nimes...they may hate americans here but they sure love american culture and music! Or subculture anyway. What used to be subculture actually.
The just some random shots of me looking bored in Crumb's record room..hahaha...Crack Chips! A flyer for Sophie's band who are playing on the 10th. We play with them at the Crumb gallery on the 15th. And a sign some local artist has up on his house.
I have pics of a nice hike we went on in the Sea of Rocks, Sauve's one tourist attraction and pics of this crazy art factory house we saw last night up in the mountains but it's almost 5pm here and I got another dinner party to go to! Smell youse later!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

More France: Podcast in Crumb's record room!

I thought I would have lots of time here to blog but I just have been out doing stuff instead which is good! We are renting a 3 floor apartment and we do hang out in it and practice music and record but it's 90's every day here and it's one event after another. I did manage to learn the basics of iMovie and have been editing short little videos for Wagtail Rescue and the Wag Report my friend Holly and I's project for her small dog rescue. Tonight we go see David Gilmour from Pink Floyd at this real Roman Arena in Nimes...excited! Tomorrow we hit the beach again with the Crumbs and kiddos...dinner over the weekend with the Crumb's at a new restaurant we heard about...Sunday we go to Transe Cevonole a 3 day kinda gypsy circus event in another village with performers and bands all day and all the stuff starting in Sauve this weekend live live music every single day in the streets. I love it here! I do follow the live RNC streams this week but then I block it all out with fun and exotic places and music and food. So happy not to be in NYC for another month! Joh was called to work both the RNC and the DNC and he is happy to be here instead that's for sure.
Here are some pics from the podcast we did last night with Crumb in his record room and some other stuff! Suave at night...some graffiti around Sauve, our friend Don Julio performing in the street, a poster Robert did for some upcoming shows here..and the PLAGE OH MAN DO I LOVE THE FANCY PLAGE! LIFE IS SWELL FRIEND-O's!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Frites, suckas!

So we have been in the south of France hanging with the Crumbs for almost one week now! Well, we hang with everyone here since we know half the village by now even though my french is pretty nonexistent still. Total heatwave since we arrived but the next few days are only 70 and cloudy so I have time to post some pics...I will have to do two posts cause I have a ton of pics. It's hard to not take a lot when it's so beautiful here and still a shock from NYC though we have visited about 7 times now or so. We have a gig at the Crumb gallery in August so far...very mellow and quiet here but that changes this week with Bastille Day on thursday and some shows and events happening afterwards.
Anyfrites, here are some pics of stuff. Lots of stuff. French stuff. Our cool shower that was a wine cellar, a new tattoo parlor in Sauve, waterfalls we go to here, the adorable kiddos of Sophie, some art and murals around the village and watching the big game a few days ago out in the street with the entire village of Monoblet.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

BBQ's, Dogs, Trump and whatever the hell else I still have on my desktop!

This is every damn photo I have yet to upload on here from my desktop and some are so old I don't remember when I took them. But they are fun and for the next six weeks all my pics will be of waterfalls, the Crumbs and the beautiful south of France and Portugal so I put these up now. A mini reunion of gals at Csquat, the Free Advice Puppet lady in Tompkins, some band trying to play while a homebum dances right in front of them for like two hours, random pics of friends including Caroline Rhea holding Angelina dog, the best Donald Trump hand puppet ever made, the tiniest cop car ever made, a show at sidewalk cafe, a BBQ in La Plaza....some "NY Moments" captured by me as I leave for a while tomorrow with John for 6 glorious weeks or more! It's a good life!