Tuesday, July 5, 2016

BBQ's, Dogs, Trump and whatever the hell else I still have on my desktop!

This is every damn photo I have yet to upload on here from my desktop and some are so old I don't remember when I took them. But they are fun and for the next six weeks all my pics will be of waterfalls, the Crumbs and the beautiful south of France and Portugal so I put these up now. A mini reunion of gals at Csquat, the Free Advice Puppet lady in Tompkins, some band trying to play while a homebum dances right in front of them for like two hours, random pics of friends including Caroline Rhea holding Angelina dog, the best Donald Trump hand puppet ever made, the tiniest cop car ever made, a show at sidewalk cafe, a BBQ in La Plaza....some "NY Moments" captured by me as I leave for a while tomorrow with John for 6 glorious weeks or more! It's a good life!

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