Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Frites, suckas!

So we have been in the south of France hanging with the Crumbs for almost one week now! Well, we hang with everyone here since we know half the village by now even though my french is pretty nonexistent still. Total heatwave since we arrived but the next few days are only 70 and cloudy so I have time to post some pics...I will have to do two posts cause I have a ton of pics. It's hard to not take a lot when it's so beautiful here and still a shock from NYC though we have visited about 7 times now or so. We have a gig at the Crumb gallery in August so far...very mellow and quiet here but that changes this week with Bastille Day on thursday and some shows and events happening afterwards.
Anyfrites, here are some pics of stuff. Lots of stuff. French stuff. Our cool shower that was a wine cellar, a new tattoo parlor in Sauve, waterfalls we go to here, the adorable kiddos of Sophie, some art and murals around the village and watching the big game a few days ago out in the street with the entire village of Monoblet.

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