Wednesday, July 20, 2016

More France: Podcast in Crumb's record room!

I thought I would have lots of time here to blog but I just have been out doing stuff instead which is good! We are renting a 3 floor apartment and we do hang out in it and practice music and record but it's 90's every day here and it's one event after another. I did manage to learn the basics of iMovie and have been editing short little videos for Wagtail Rescue and the Wag Report my friend Holly and I's project for her small dog rescue. Tonight we go see David Gilmour from Pink Floyd at this real Roman Arena in Nimes...excited! Tomorrow we hit the beach again with the Crumbs and kiddos...dinner over the weekend with the Crumb's at a new restaurant we heard about...Sunday we go to Transe Cevonole a 3 day kinda gypsy circus event in another village with performers and bands all day and all the stuff starting in Sauve this weekend live live music every single day in the streets. I love it here! I do follow the live RNC streams this week but then I block it all out with fun and exotic places and music and food. So happy not to be in NYC for another month! Joh was called to work both the RNC and the DNC and he is happy to be here instead that's for sure.
Here are some pics from the podcast we did last night with Crumb in his record room and some other stuff! Suave at night...some graffiti around Sauve, our friend Don Julio performing in the street, a poster Robert did for some upcoming shows here..and the PLAGE OH MAN DO I LOVE THE FANCY PLAGE! LIFE IS SWELL FRIEND-O's!


  1. That 6th pic down of Mistah Crumb is about THE best pic of him EVERRR!!!
    Seriously, he's smilin'...he doesn't look scared.....AND he's lookin' AT the camera.
    It's a MIRACLE, I tell'ya! ;^)

  2. You have the best life ever. I would give anything to even meet Crumb one time! I would give him a piggyback ride too!

  3. haha thanks! he smiles all the time just not for paparazzi! Sorry just seeing all my comments now!