Wednesday, August 10, 2016

AH only one week left in Europe!

Christ on a crutch my month and a half in Europe went by fast! We leave for Paris in like 6 days then catch a flight back to NYC the next day on this great airline that is all business class seating with gourmet food served on the flight! DID I MENTION HOW GREAT THE AIRLINE IS?
So I have pics from Porto on my desktop and also pics from Sauve from before we left for Porto. So in the next few posts I am going to upload everything I have left while John works on the Apple book he is making for us and the Crumbs from all the pics from Portugal since we had such a great time. These are pretty much the last of the photos from Portugal...Crumb next to his dream girl butt..Aline with her favorite Octopus meal doing the robot on the street for Euros which no one gave me...Robert watching someone do caricatures on the street at of the painted electric boxes that are all over Porto and all differently painted those! The amazing train station by our hotel, John's chorizo which is served on fire and he cooked it himself...a vespa covered in buttons...the tram/trolley we took to see the Atlantic Ocean one day...totally satisfying fun and cheap trip plus the guys found some great 78's which makes it pretty special.
I am about ready for hear people speaking English and see my friends and I keep having dreams about my cats. But I will miss Sauve big time as usual! But it's nice to leave a place while wanting more of it really. Can't believe I have to start packing on Monday! Somehow the trip went by fast and slow at the same time. I live for hot weather and right now it's all 80's and sunny here while NYC is hot as hell but rainy every day for like 9 days so I am pretty happy to still be here. Gonna go and see The Sauviettes play now, the band that Sophie Crumb is in who are great! I'll probably post some videos of them on my Facebook and Twitter later.


  1. Damn, do I miss Europe! Most people are happy, even excited to return to the U.S. when a vacation ends but I get quite mopey well after the trip back.

    Glad you are having such a great time, though! I'm not even jealous. (Grumble Grumble) ;)

    Be well and be safe. :)

  2. The top pics of crumb I would pay good money for. Not even kidding. you sell any of your photos ever?