Friday, August 19, 2016

Big gig with Crumb in France before we left!

Well, I am back in NYC and already have gone to tons of events and have fallen asleep at half of them! Jet lag is a bitch. Getting over it though and it's nice to be back though it feels weird to not be kissed on the cheek 3 times by everyone and also to hear english from everyone. Looks like we may actually be buying a place across from the Crumbs early next is AMAZING and four floors and huge! YUUUUUGE! And so close to the Crumbs I want to use tin can telephones to talk to them from our terrace. It's an amazing old stone large house and we would rent out the more modern bottom floor. We will find out this year! With the jobs John just got called for we can replenish our dough in no time and I will start doing extra BG work in September when the crazy season begins.
So before we left we played a gig with Crumb and Les Sauviettes, Sophie's band at the Crumb gallery. It was so fun and we signed autographs and it sounded really good...I think it's periscoped somewhere online...packed standing room only and people bought stuff too.
Perfect send off then we got on the TGV to Paris then the fancy airline John loves.So here are some pics from the gallery and this is my last France post though I have so many pics..we even made an Apple Book of our Porto trip just for fun as we took some hilarious pics. I just had the greatest summer yet and now I get my NYC madness which has already begun...I know people come to see Crumb but nothing feels as nice as signing my autograph I have to see even if it's just half a dozen times!


  1. I ma such a big fan of the whole Crumb clan and I cannot describe how much I wish i saw this show!
    tell Crumb i have been a fan for 3 decades now!
    -Neil Toulon

  2. Great pics! Next best thing to being there is you posts! And the fb ones too!