Friday, August 5, 2016

More Porto pics for you. Just for you. For your eyes only, only for you.

Just posting more pics I've taken while here in Porto to get them up already. We saw so much but leave tomorrow and after walking hours and hours and seeing the coolest shit I am satisfied and ready to go. We are halfway packed and got another suitcase for the over 100 great 78's John and Crumb uncovered here. What a score! The 78 group John belongs to on Facebook are all like holy crap dude you hit the jackpot! And they did. So when we get back to France they have to listen to them all, clean them, box John's NYC and we will practice for our gig and do more podcasts. Beach and music and then we leave for Paris on the 15th. So lucky to leave NYC and see the world like this. 3 countries so far this year plus Florida for 10 days. Hope NYC is still hot cause I want my NYC summer craziness too! Here we have the guys finding the 78s...the tackiest most campy church I have ever seen, some guys playing some good Fado music on the street...socialist headquarters and Robert looking spiffy!


  1. I told you you would love Porto! Miss you girl!

  2. take me with you please!!!!!