Thursday, August 4, 2016

Porto Portugal! That is where I have been! YESSIREEBOB.

The Crumbs and the hubby and I have been in Porto, Portugal for almost a week now and have not sat down much or been in the amazing two floor hotel room much but I have taken a shitload of pics so instead of attempting to describe the beautiful, crumbling, tiled buildings with crazy religious shrines everywhere and the murals and art I will just post up all the pics I have in the next few posts here...we leave in a day and a half now and after some boating stuff tomorrow we pack and then take off Saturday at like 2pm back to France. Great trip! So much fun, tons of laughs, just perfect. We will make an Apple scrapbook of the pics we all took when we get back to Sauve. Did I mention this pretty cheaply priced hotel room John and I have has two freaking floors! AHHHH! Hurray for poor economies! Did I mention Crumb an John hit the MOTHERLOAD of great old Fado 78's here? It's what they were hoping to find multiple by like a thousand. Now let's see if we can get them back to France in one piece!


  1. Gorgeous. You and your photos Eden. Love this keep on posting!

  2. oh my god I'm so jealous!!!!!