Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Quick post cause I am tired as shit. Does shit get tired? Ah, mystery.

Just a quick post at midnight on a weekday...very tired this week as they are "upgrading" the electricity in my building and I wake up every day way too early to the sounds of drilling and the apt shaking. They will be quieter soon as running BX cables won't be loud so I need to just go to sleep earlier and wait it out. I met the workers and they want it done too as everyone here hates them. They loved me though. We shot the shit for half an hour on the stairs a few days ago. They also put plastic up on some assholes door who was a dick to them and left it up so he couldnt get out which I thought was pretty funny.
Weather is GREAT though and I am happy though tired. That top pic is John's solo album which is up for pre-order order on Amazon now. The link to order is here and the cover is the best yet! Crumb just keeps topping himself! ORDER HERE.
Then we have the adorable Angelina from the small dog rescue I volunteer for Waggytail. I learned a bit of iMovie so I edit videos for them and other stuff...well I will now that I am back anyway. More about that in my next few posts..Then my new hair do...did i mention I LOST SO MUCH WEIGHT IN FRANCE??
Then some dumb guy made a dumb flyer. Seems pretty NOT AT ALL FUNNY. Then we got some Whey. A lot of whey. And the 6 foot 7 inch Jew rapper is back! He is like two of me. Freestyle rap and healing. What CAN'T he do? Then the true to life statue of Trump in Union Square...sans balls of course as he has none.
The cop recruitment event was in Tompkins the other day and it was so funny. I won a teddy bear by playing name that tune...got all kinds of cop swag...saw many cops I like and know as I live next to the 9th precinct. Had fun talking and gossiping and watching the show they had going on on stage. A cop did the Nay Nay and I love him...plus martial arts and twerking. I love the 9th...most fun cop shop ever. Plus they love me so I am well protected too if needed.
That stuff will be my next post and I hope I can get the cop dancing up!

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  1. So glad you are back so i can read all this! You look beautiful and all of NYC missed you E.