Thursday, August 25, 2016

Rev Jen's Troll Museum on display at Chinatown Soup Gallery.

Months after the sad eviction of Reverend Jen's apartment and Troll Museum the gallery Chinatown Soup decided to display part of the illustrious trolls in their gallery down on Orchard St. I am pretty much over my Jet Lag from Europe though I still get tired at like 9pm. Tomorrow I hit Otto's Shrunken Head for a friends show so I shall partake in my favorite lit on fire Tiki drink and get drunk for the first time in about 3 months. Yep. Did not drink in France at all but some sips of good wine. Too hot to be hungover there and I barely drink now. However, I can nurse a glass of wine for hours while I have fun, crazy nights in bars here for the end of summer. I prefer to drink at Csquat though. Not much of a barfly but for Mars Bar. Nowhere else can compare with that place or the old Bowery Poetry Club.
So here are some pics from the Troll Museum resurrection at Chinatown Soup. It's down now I think but it was pretty cool as you can see. I think that is NY Magazine interviewing Jen there. Also, BK Magazine did a story on it I will link at the end of this post.
First post in NYC and i will far more up on this now. Been really busy with recording, guitar and I begin to work again in September hopefully...John got offered his possible dream job but I don't want to jinx it! We will see....but so far my first week back has been great! And it's as hot as Satan's taint and I love it! The heat AND the taint! The last two pics are of the best garbage I have ever seen...a bedazzled wheelchair with a huge clock behind it...and that sticker that I see everywhere. Lots of dumb annoying flyers and stickers since I left. Dan Smith must be sad.

Brooklyn Magazine article:


  1. You just revived my childhood. I completely forgot Troll Dolls were a thing.

  2. I think she had a fight with the owners there and left the gallery on bad terms. They were not too friendly when I was there.