Friday, September 2, 2016

Join the Police! You can have a gun and there's money in it too! (Not the gun).

That quote is from an episode of The young Ones where Neil the hippie decides to become a cop then has to break up a party at his own house. He smashes a Steve Hillage record then gets upset. Heh. I would like the smash all Steve Hillage records. Not sure how many people know who that is but I am a music nerd so I do and he is NOT GOOD. I hate all prog-rock really. HATE.
Anywho, there was a really fun and funny Cop recruitment event in Tompkins the other day with a weird show on stage and free stuff and  Dj who played name that tune and i won a teddy bear which I passed along to a kid there. So I took some pics and as I know most of the cops there from the 9th precinct and chat with them almost every day since I live right next door just about it was a hilarious day. One asked me to take a pic of them scooping ice cream so I did then texted it to them. I have a few of their numbers in my cell actually in case I am bothered by anyone creepy or crazy. Nice of them! I tweeted the pics to the cops twitter and offered to play music at their next event on our block. They were like, "uh..not sure about that!" I assured them we have kid friendly songs and in the middle of all this the DJ was playing like Geto Boys or something. I was dying.
I took some video too I will post and got a NYPD Join the Finest bracelet which goes nicely with my WEED CRACK LSD COCAINE bracelet someone gave me as a joke. Heh. This one cop was a great dancer and next to him was a little girl who was so good and it was just adorable. Bottom video of the "nay nay" is the best thing ever.

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  1. This is by far the fucking funniest post I have read on here yet. Now I get why you had those bracelets on the other day and the cops were cracking up with you! I always miss the weird park stuff please post when it is happening ahead of time!!