Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Protest against the Dakota Pipeline in other words #NoDAPL

So last week there was a big rally against the disgusting greedy travesty that is the Dakota Pipeline situation in Washington Square Park. From about 5-8pm there were speeches, singing, drumming and chanting. Funny thing was some juggalo looking band was playing on the stage that was like right near the rally. Was very strange! So nice to see such a big turnout and to see that people come out to stuff and don't just post crap on fb or wherever. I took lots of video but i will just post some of the pics I took right now...really funny punk show in Tompkins sunday and between that and a party saturday night where i was up until 6am i am pretty shot. I need a few days of sleeping like 10 hours I think. There was also a fun punk picnic in BK so I am glad I have been getting to go to some fun shit since I got back. It's going to be 90 out tomorrow but you can feel at night now how fall is coming.
I also got a pic of my favorite 6'7" Jew who always wants to heal me. And the performance artist that is in the fountain every day there posing on a statue.


  1. Better coverage than most of the papers.....THANK-YOU!!!
    And you may be interested in this, or folks you know might:


    Sassy Shit-disturbin' Sisters are ALWAYS attractive!

  2. Eden is the only news source i go to for NYC events since I moved. Photos and videos and all just like yu are right there with her. Love this blog. Love Eden.