Monday, September 19, 2016

Some pics from the punk picnic and punk show too.

Hit Ralph's BBQ last week...the annual punk picnic. Never being super punk myself really, not in the '77 kinda way. I did not know half the people there but I knew many. I am just weird. Ex squatter who was on Dead tour for a year, was a hippie for several years, began squatting on Ave C and 9th and hop trains and hitchhiked all over the country. Now I like old music and am a 78 expert sort of and play with R Crumb. My life is weird hence my book which is coming along! I guess I like the weirder punk like Rudimentary Peni and shit like that. No Sex Pistols crap for me.
So the picnic pics go right into the Tompkins show pics where I knew just about everyone there including the cops and it was all mellow and fun. Love how my friends who have had kids let them dye their hair blue and all that .Some bad ass kids are going to be adults and teens soon enough! Man they grow up fast as hell. With cool parents they are the next generation of cool NYC and they are already taller than I. Though at barely five feet that's not saying much.
 A version of Choking Victim played  the park later that weekend. The band my ex Shayne was bassist in for a while...and I will go see them again in October. A real reunion is going at Warsaw on the 30th.
I hate the summer ending but I paid my SAG dues and am applying for work again and things are going well and I just cant complain. I had the best summer of anyone I know and John and I will hit Florida in Feb to once again see the Crumbs there while they are on vacation. Possible trip to Las Vegas for John's work...WARMTH YAY!
Did something great this week...well Aline Crumb did on behalf of us and waiting with baited breath on the results of this! Good things in the works so winter won't be so bad I think.


  1. Holy shit Ralphy! wish I knew about this I would have came from philly!

  2. That was a fun show! I guess that park can still be fun some times! So good to see you after your trip!