Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Part 2 of the Annual Mr. LES Pageant!

So since the earlier Mr. LES event ended within about ten minutes when two topless women decided to beat up Master Lee for some reason the honorable Reverend Jen decided to hold a second pageant at my friends bar The Footlight in ridgewood. This time around it was a true Mr. LES event with  talent, swimwear and Q&A sections and ballots where we all voted for the winner. It was a crazy time as usual but not too too crazy where the bar was trashed and people got beat up like the first one.
So here are some pics and even some videos for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy the nudity, the fart lighting and Mr.Barbara Streisand giving a lap dance with jewish stars taped over her nipples.
John King was the winner which is just wonderful as he has been trying to win this for over ten years now I think!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Tompkins Halloween Dog Run Parade pics!

Holy shit I am behind in my blogging! Too busy going out I guess...which is a good thing because soon it will be like 10 degrees every day. It's already going to be in the 30's at night this week. Nooooooooooooo......! I am NOT a winter person! But I will keep busy with work and band stuff and writing and all that fun stuff. Taking some finger picking guitar classes at Jalopy too I think...John leaves for Las Vegas soon and I am going to Burbank to see my sis who lives with her bf Nelson Bragg the drummer from the Brian Wilson band there so that should be fun. AND WARM. Then we have a trip to Florida in February too so that should help some.
So, the Mr. LES pageant was last night and was so crazy and fun I took mucho pics and videos but first I need to catch up on other stuff that's been on my desktop. The dog parade pics are nothing special. I am sure EVGrieve will have some pro ones up soon if he doesn't already but I will post 'em up anyway then do the Mr. LES stuff tomorrow. There was tons of nudity with the talent portion being as insane as usual..some guy tattooed his own penis but my phone was dead at that point I think. But believe you me it was something. Though I do know people who have tattoos and piercings on their dicks so I think it freaked out everyone else more than I.
AnyPup, here are some cute dog pics to look at before I horrify you with images of the weird naked people I call my friends in a day or so.
My fave costume was the three legged dog who was a pirate with a hook on his stump. I did not gets pics of the winners as they were far away on the stage but those costumes were insane and must have taken months to make.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Proud Almost Owner of a five floor house in the South of France!

Welp, not moving away from NYC at all but John and I will be in Sauve, France more often starting next year because we put a bid on a house right across the street from the Crumbs and our offer was accepted! It's not even close to being ours yet but we will begin to make payments on it next year and when it's paid off it shall be our second home! It's hilarious to me how close it is to the Crumb's amazing place...we can see in each others windows. John and Robert can make some tin can phones and trade 78's just by chucking them through the window. It is HUGE(YUGE?) and we have tons of room for guests to come and stay with us which does happen and is important. If Trumps wins it sure is nice to have a place far far away to escape to that's for sure. We will just pretend we are Swedish and not American. I can say poop in Swedish and john's bro lives in Sweden so we go there too to see him and our nieces.

That first pic is from the Mr. Les Pageant the annual male only beauty pageant Reverend Jen hosts every year. Since the one a few months ago got derailed by nudity and craziness she is having it again this time in Ridgewood at my good friends bar The Footlight. It's on the 22nd same day as the Halloween Dog Run Parade so that day will be a fun one for me.
Then some pics from when John and I went and saw "Oh, Hello" on Broadway and had seats in the third row...that show is really funny and I recommend to people who have a weird sense of humor and who loved the Kroll Show as I did.
Never noticed that statue in Union Square before..some jamming at our place with friends...John and I are finishing up our latest album Coney Island Baby and John's "solo" album is now up on amazon so I will link to that HERE. The Crumb cover is one of the best we have and Crumb also plays on the album along with me, Pat Conte, Eli Smith and others. That drawing of John on a placemat I put up is one Crumb made with his grandson Eli who did the lettering...thought it was funny. At a restaurant entertaining the kiddos in France..Then FOREIGNER is playing hell yeah! And apparently I played and didn't know it at the worst place in the world Webster Hall. I think Green Day just played there which is kinda weird.
Then I got a thumbs up from Laurence Harvey the actor from the Human Centipede 2 movie...and 3 also. I cant wait to see the next Tom Six insanity. Bottom pics are from a comedy show Seth Herzog has at the Slipper Room every week. My friend and i went cause Janeane Garofalo was on the bill and political comic John Fugelsang. It feels like this election will never end...Not a fan of Hillary at all but Trump just cannot win this. If he does..DID I MENTION JOHN AND I BOUGHT A HUGE HOUSE IN FRANCE?

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Grab them by the Pussy!

Okay, so I have a few of pics to post from the Broadway show John and I went to, "Oh, Hello" which was hysterical. I am so in love with those guys esp when Nick Kroll does drag. The Kroll Show was one of my favorites and I am really happy they got this play going on. But my email got hacked and I need to change the password and I am bad at that stuff so i don't have access to all the new pics in my email. Cause I am dumb like that.
Had a fun last fews days hanging with the hubby as he had four days off. Soon he will be working like crazy as work is going really well for him...I have applied for some extra work but no calls so far but then I got the death flu for about 12 days so I rested.
So to stay topical I have collected some pretty amusing Grab Them By the Pussy Trump memes and I will post them now for fun. Think I am having a debate party tomorrow at my place if it's too rainy and cold to watch in La Plaza on the projector. I am in no way a fan of Hillary or Bill but if this orange monster wins we will just be blown off the map within a year probably. He is a sick, underage girl loving, sexist, smug, tax evading, lying, perverted piece of shit who the Hillary bashers are having a REALLY hard time defending right now. Assange didn't really leak too much and he's been accused of rape himself so...what an election! Pence just said what Trump said was inexcusable and the rape case against Trump for having sex with a 13 year old girl was just reopened. I cant think too much about it or my head will explode. Facebook is nuts with fights and insults so I will just post these memes here until I have more stuff to post during the week.
DID I MENTION THAT JOHN AND I BOUGHT A HOUSE IN THE SOUTH OF FRANCE ACROSS FROM THE CRUMB'S?? Our bid went through! We will be dividing our time between here and there south of France with most of our time in NYC of course but this is so exciting! I want to grab France by the Pussy! yay! We go over the paperwork this week and in the winter we make our first payment. This really has been a great year for me. And for John too.