Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Part 2 of the Annual Mr. LES Pageant!

So since the earlier Mr. LES event ended within about ten minutes when two topless women decided to beat up Master Lee for some reason the honorable Reverend Jen decided to hold a second pageant at my friends bar The Footlight in ridgewood. This time around it was a true Mr. LES event with  talent, swimwear and Q&A sections and ballots where we all voted for the winner. It was a crazy time as usual but not too too crazy where the bar was trashed and people got beat up like the first one.
So here are some pics and even some videos for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy the nudity, the fart lighting and Mr.Barbara Streisand giving a lap dance with jewish stars taped over her nipples.
John King was the winner which is just wonderful as he has been trying to win this for over ten years now I think!


  1. thank you for this!!! wanted so badly to be there!

  2. cannot believe i had the flu for this! So happy Rev is back and doing anti slam too i hear?

  3. you do have the best life girl! Never a dull moment with you!