Friday, October 14, 2016

Proud Almost Owner of a five floor house in the South of France!

Welp, not moving away from NYC at all but John and I will be in Sauve, France more often starting next year because we put a bid on a house right across the street from the Crumbs and our offer was accepted! It's not even close to being ours yet but we will begin to make payments on it next year and when it's paid off it shall be our second home! It's hilarious to me how close it is to the Crumb's amazing place...we can see in each others windows. John and Robert can make some tin can phones and trade 78's just by chucking them through the window. It is HUGE(YUGE?) and we have tons of room for guests to come and stay with us which does happen and is important. If Trumps wins it sure is nice to have a place far far away to escape to that's for sure. We will just pretend we are Swedish and not American. I can say poop in Swedish and john's bro lives in Sweden so we go there too to see him and our nieces.

That first pic is from the Mr. Les Pageant the annual male only beauty pageant Reverend Jen hosts every year. Since the one a few months ago got derailed by nudity and craziness she is having it again this time in Ridgewood at my good friends bar The Footlight. It's on the 22nd same day as the Halloween Dog Run Parade so that day will be a fun one for me.
Then some pics from when John and I went and saw "Oh, Hello" on Broadway and had seats in the third row...that show is really funny and I recommend to people who have a weird sense of humor and who loved the Kroll Show as I did.
Never noticed that statue in Union Square before..some jamming at our place with friends...John and I are finishing up our latest album Coney Island Baby and John's "solo" album is now up on amazon so I will link to that HERE. The Crumb cover is one of the best we have and Crumb also plays on the album along with me, Pat Conte, Eli Smith and others. That drawing of John on a placemat I put up is one Crumb made with his grandson Eli who did the lettering...thought it was funny. At a restaurant entertaining the kiddos in France..Then FOREIGNER is playing hell yeah! And apparently I played and didn't know it at the worst place in the world Webster Hall. I think Green Day just played there which is kinda weird.
Then I got a thumbs up from Laurence Harvey the actor from the Human Centipede 2 movie...and 3 also. I cant wait to see the next Tom Six insanity. Bottom pics are from a comedy show Seth Herzog has at the Slipper Room every week. My friend and i went cause Janeane Garofalo was on the bill and political comic John Fugelsang. It feels like this election will never end...Not a fan of Hillary at all but Trump just cannot win this. If he does..DID I MENTION JOHN AND I BOUGHT A HUGE HOUSE IN FRANCE?


  1. Love Mr Les! And love your blog I'm an avid reader!
    You have the best life.

  2. Well i am pretty please with my life and thanks for reading! I finally checked my comments and realized i have been not putting any through since France by mistake! Thanks for reading!

  3. First, KUDOS on French abode.....holy fuck, from C-SQUAT to the South of France....that's QUITE the journey in MANY ways....hope you've begun your multi-media memoir 'cuz you GOT the material.
    Second, since I can, just held the nose and absentee voted for the Hil.....REALLY wanted to write in The Bern, but NEEDED it to count! Part of my work involves keepin' up with global media, and US can't even fathom the damage that this fuckhead has already done to the rep.
    SURE hope peeps are seeing that he is representative of AT least 50% of the 10% (goes waaaay beyond the 1% dealy). You get a man all strung out on greed.....ESPECIALLY when it's handed you from birth. And don't get me started on the fuckin' Saudi set-up. NOTHIN' changes in the Middle East until those over-over-over-privileged warp-assed EVIL MEN get removed from the equation. Envision Drumpf to the millionth-power, but with REAL money.
    Keep on chooglin'!

  4. I have been writing a lot and have some interest...maybe Crumb will do the cover he thinks I'm hilarious. I am so into his house in Sauve its so big! I dont even know the square footage its five floors and winds up and up with an attic and a terrace....will post pics when we get some and the owner moves out.
    As much as I Hate Hillary I will vote for her. From the fbposts and arguments I see only people who are racist and have women are voting Trump.

  5. omg pics of the house pleeeze???