Sunday, October 23, 2016

Tompkins Halloween Dog Run Parade pics!

Holy shit I am behind in my blogging! Too busy going out I guess...which is a good thing because soon it will be like 10 degrees every day. It's already going to be in the 30's at night this week. Nooooooooooooo......! I am NOT a winter person! But I will keep busy with work and band stuff and writing and all that fun stuff. Taking some finger picking guitar classes at Jalopy too I think...John leaves for Las Vegas soon and I am going to Burbank to see my sis who lives with her bf Nelson Bragg the drummer from the Brian Wilson band there so that should be fun. AND WARM. Then we have a trip to Florida in February too so that should help some.
So, the Mr. LES pageant was last night and was so crazy and fun I took mucho pics and videos but first I need to catch up on other stuff that's been on my desktop. The dog parade pics are nothing special. I am sure EVGrieve will have some pro ones up soon if he doesn't already but I will post 'em up anyway then do the Mr. LES stuff tomorrow. There was tons of nudity with the talent portion being as insane as usual..some guy tattooed his own penis but my phone was dead at that point I think. But believe you me it was something. Though I do know people who have tattoos and piercings on their dicks so I think it freaked out everyone else more than I.
AnyPup, here are some cute dog pics to look at before I horrify you with images of the weird naked people I call my friends in a day or so.
My fave costume was the three legged dog who was a pirate with a hook on his stump. I did not gets pics of the winners as they were far away on the stage but those costumes were insane and must have taken months to make.


  1. Hope you saw the Human Dogipede costume girl! I thought about you but that crowd was too much for me. Mr LES was great though! Fucking insane! Best yet! and so good to see you!

  2. i love your weird life and you're sense of humor keep on trucking girl! Hope to see you in france play with the Crumbs as i see you bought a house there?!
    What a life pack me in your suitcase please I dont eat too much and I'm small too! lol

  3. haha no! I missed the Dogipede as i chose to sleep late. It was so shitty out too and i had to get ready for the LES thing. I think I laughed for four hours straight at the pageant. Got an email from Jim Gaffigan later saying he loved the videos it was like the old Bowery Poetry Club crazy days.
    Love, I am sure we will do many more gig with Crumb when we are there more often. It's not even cold there yet wish we were still there!

  4. Love this event and your pics Eden! So nice to see you there! xoxox