Wednesday, November 23, 2016

I saw a freaking pony and it TROTTED.

So everyone knows I love freaking ponies. You know. I know. We all know. EVERYBODY KNOWS. (RIP Leonard Cohen). I saw one named Apples trotting along 2nd Ave last week and then saw a horse on the same block that was part of some promo for the film Unbridled. I had to take a selfie with it. Gross I just wrote the word Selfie. WHO AM I?
So I have some random pics here...I did just get a great pencil holder that is a statue of Trump and you put the pencil in Trumps's ass but this is a TRUMP-FREE week for me so I wont post that now.

So I took some pics of Reverend Jen who was dressed as a Troll trying to get in to see the movie Trolls for free. I think she ended up getting in half price but I have this one pic of me as a Troll...sort of. Her article about those shenanigans is in this week of the Villager paper with a hilarious pic of her Troll outfit. Then there was some Game of Thrones event at Astor Place but they wouldn't let me cut the line though I told them I am the mother of dragons and was willing to breastfeed one to prove it.
Some graffiti from Harris from the old band Letch Patrol is by the old Nino's pizza. Now that is a band I have not heard about in decades! Harris either is around or has a fan. Then APPLES THE PONY. I have no idea why it was around NYC but evgrieve posted about it too. And linked my tweet haha...When he links me my hits go from like 200-300 a day to thousands. That blog has so many readers.
Someone writing on the construction site by St new hair do with a fancy pic..and that pic I  am kissing is an autographed photo of Danny Elfman that I won at the Waggytail Bingo Benefit for dogs...I also won those crack cookies and took a pic of their bathroom door. Rochelle's is a pretty fun bar that has shows and burlesque and stuff.
My little 17 year old sick baby Harlequinn the cat had to be put down this week. It was a little sudden but she had kidney disease and various other health issues. She went peacefully in my lap at the vet's while John and I petted her and I cried for two hours. I have some of her hair to put in my pet mourning locket that has my dogs hair in it already from years ago.
Very strange year this has been I have to say. Even for me this was a weird one!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Did I mention FUCK TRUMP??

Okay so every blog post for the next four years can be about how much I hate Trump. I have been to every rally and march and will likely go march on DC too in January. However, that would be just too depressing really and there is other stuff going on to post about. So I will put up a mix of pics I took at the YUGE Not My President trump rally last weekend and some other stuff too...because life does go on(UNTIL TRUMP GETS US ALL BLOWN UP).
So we have the march pics...and also some pics of the smaller post-it wall in the 14th st union square subway station...KANYE FOREVER YO!...and the always fun Tina with her felt pigeons at union square..a sign for witches to come together to save the world...I myself did a few spells this past year with the help of my Wiccan friends and from what I can tell they have worked. Some really shitty people are very unhappy right now. Was it the energy I sent toward them? That 50 people sent towards them? Who knows?
And then an old Robert Crumb drawing...who says he is just a misogynist? He is actually one of the bigger feminists I know and said when he heard Trump won he felt like he got punched in the face.
We have a private gig with Crumb at the David Zwirner Gallery in January...and a possible secret one open to the public but if I announce it too soon it will be too crazy so I shall wait...until the day of cause he hates signing autographs and taking pics with people and stuff. Unless they look like that drawing that is..heh...My next post will be some band promotion since it's going to be Xmas time soon and I never fucking promote my band...It's my job but John says I keep forgetting to do it.

Thursday, November 10, 2016


Okay I had a few funny posts planned but since we now have a huge hideous orange cheeto as POTUS I will just post a few pics of the HUGE not YUGE but HUGE march against Trump I attended last night with some videos I took too. There are thousands of people there and it was pretty peaceful but for a few dozen arrests for disturbing the peace. I think I knew half the people there it's like Occupy all over again. But Occupy had a lot of hope happening this was just....depressing and the fear was palpable. There is a Love Trump Hates rally in Washington Square Park tomorrow from 2pm until whenever I will be at. I try to livestream from my phone but it's hard to get reception with so many people on their phones around. Some good stuff going on..big gig with Crumb in January and such...I will be calling Bingo numbers next week for Wagggytail Rescue the small dog rescue I volunteer for so the should be fun...but for now...get ready for many FUCK TRUMP posts from me!
This first rally began at Union Square and went uptown to TRUMPLAND but I left at around 42nd street due to total exhaustion. I assume there are more going on tonight...Oakland was rioting as were several other states and THE DONALD was burned in effigy which is cool as the Wicker Man is the best movie ever made.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Choking Victim Reunion Shows! Tompkins and Warsaw!

So on Sunday I went to two that's right TWO Choking Victim shows which was fun as they haven't played in years and years as they broke up long ago. Friends came down from upstate to see them play and I saw folks I have not seen in forever including one friend I lived with in Dayton Ohio over 25 years ago. Nicest guy ever.
I used Facebook and live streamed the show in the park which I have never done before and that was funny as fuck as people joined the stream to comment from all over the country and I just kept zooming in on boobs and butts of friends. My good friend and ex boyfriend Pezent Shayne was one of the 3 bass players for CV so it was funny to see him get to be famous for a day. They played to a sold out house at Warsaw in Brooklyn and people were like asking for his autograph and shit.
I took a lot of pics and videos of the band playing and lots of my friends too so I will just post a shitload of them up including one short one from the park that is kinda crappy but the livestream was too fun to pass up! They are doing a short tour to the west coast and that's it unless they get back together at some point in the future which is also a possibility. I loved seeing Shayne play again with them. When he joined it was because he knew I loved them and was a huge fan. Sturgeon still lives at Csquat as does Shayne of course. CV, along with Leftover Crack and Star Fucking Hipsters helped put Csquat on the map really as the squat you must see if you're punk as fuck and visiting NYC. Funny! I lived there so long I guess I am an honorary member of C at this point. I also snapped a pic and took a short video of Transgendered Jesus just because they are hilarious. And some random guy in front of Csquat who wanted me to take his pic. For actual Halloween I went back to Warsaw(brooklyn twice in a week FTW!)for the World Inferno Friendship Society Hallowmas show which is always something else. Pics of that to come friend-o's!