Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Choking Victim Reunion Shows! Tompkins and Warsaw!

So on Sunday I went to two that's right TWO Choking Victim shows which was fun as they haven't played in years and years as they broke up long ago. Friends came down from upstate to see them play and I saw folks I have not seen in forever including one friend I lived with in Dayton Ohio over 25 years ago. Nicest guy ever.
I used Facebook and live streamed the show in the park which I have never done before and that was funny as fuck as people joined the stream to comment from all over the country and I just kept zooming in on boobs and butts of friends. My good friend and ex boyfriend Pezent Shayne was one of the 3 bass players for CV so it was funny to see him get to be famous for a day. They played to a sold out house at Warsaw in Brooklyn and people were like asking for his autograph and shit.
I took a lot of pics and videos of the band playing and lots of my friends too so I will just post a shitload of them up including one short one from the park that is kinda crappy but the livestream was too fun to pass up! They are doing a short tour to the west coast and that's it unless they get back together at some point in the future which is also a possibility. I loved seeing Shayne play again with them. When he joined it was because he knew I loved them and was a huge fan. Sturgeon still lives at Csquat as does Shayne of course. CV, along with Leftover Crack and Star Fucking Hipsters helped put Csquat on the map really as the squat you must see if you're punk as fuck and visiting NYC. Funny! I lived there so long I guess I am an honorary member of C at this point. I also snapped a pic and took a short video of Transgendered Jesus just because they are hilarious. And some random guy in front of Csquat who wanted me to take his pic. For actual Halloween I went back to Warsaw(brooklyn twice in a week FTW!)for the World Inferno Friendship Society Hallowmas show which is always something else. Pics of that to come friend-o's!





    But you can take the energy to a few locations tonight:


    Take care of each other. It's only the beginning.

  3. Thanks for the info I will be at Union square later today. I keep forgetting to put all my blog comments through! Ugh..what a past 24 hours.

  4. See you at Union Square! Fuck.

  5. I wanted t make the shows so bad!!!!! Lucky!!

  6. Both shows were fucking awesome so good seeing you and glad you're toe made it through the mosh pit! lol