Friday, November 18, 2016

Did I mention FUCK TRUMP??

Okay so every blog post for the next four years can be about how much I hate Trump. I have been to every rally and march and will likely go march on DC too in January. However, that would be just too depressing really and there is other stuff going on to post about. So I will put up a mix of pics I took at the YUGE Not My President trump rally last weekend and some other stuff too...because life does go on(UNTIL TRUMP GETS US ALL BLOWN UP).
So we have the march pics...and also some pics of the smaller post-it wall in the 14th st union square subway station...KANYE FOREVER YO!...and the always fun Tina with her felt pigeons at union square..a sign for witches to come together to save the world...I myself did a few spells this past year with the help of my Wiccan friends and from what I can tell they have worked. Some really shitty people are very unhappy right now. Was it the energy I sent toward them? That 50 people sent towards them? Who knows?
And then an old Robert Crumb drawing...who says he is just a misogynist? He is actually one of the bigger feminists I know and said when he heard Trump won he felt like he got punched in the face.
We have a private gig with Crumb at the David Zwirner Gallery in January...and a possible secret one open to the public but if I announce it too soon it will be too crazy so I shall wait...until the day of cause he hates signing autographs and taking pics with people and stuff. Unless they look like that drawing that is..heh...My next post will be some band promotion since it's going to be Xmas time soon and I never fucking promote my band...It's my job but John says I keep forgetting to do it.


  1. Love that Crumb drawing i will repost it! You are so lucky to know him!

  2. LOVE that Crumb drawing! A nice end to a sad state of affairs here in the US of A. Not My President ever Eden!