Thursday, November 10, 2016


Okay I had a few funny posts planned but since we now have a huge hideous orange cheeto as POTUS I will just post a few pics of the HUGE not YUGE but HUGE march against Trump I attended last night with some videos I took too. There are thousands of people there and it was pretty peaceful but for a few dozen arrests for disturbing the peace. I think I knew half the people there it's like Occupy all over again. But Occupy had a lot of hope happening this was just....depressing and the fear was palpable. There is a Love Trump Hates rally in Washington Square Park tomorrow from 2pm until whenever I will be at. I try to livestream from my phone but it's hard to get reception with so many people on their phones around. Some good stuff going on..big gig with Crumb in January and such...I will be calling Bingo numbers next week for Wagggytail Rescue the small dog rescue I volunteer for so the should be fun...but for now...get ready for many FUCK TRUMP posts from me!
This first rally began at Union Square and went uptown to TRUMPLAND but I left at around 42nd street due to total exhaustion. I assume there are more going on tonight...Oakland was rioting as were several other states and THE DONALD was burned in effigy which is cool as the Wicker Man is the best movie ever made.


  1. Toronto shares your repulsion of the President-Erect:

  2. Yeah when Canada riots you know it's bad!

  3. Iw wish i could be there so bad thanks for posting this and for the lifestream! You made those trump bullies go crying to their mamas haha