Wednesday, November 23, 2016

I saw a freaking pony and it TROTTED.

So everyone knows I love freaking ponies. You know. I know. We all know. EVERYBODY KNOWS. (RIP Leonard Cohen). I saw one named Apples trotting along 2nd Ave last week and then saw a horse on the same block that was part of some promo for the film Unbridled. I had to take a selfie with it. Gross I just wrote the word Selfie. WHO AM I?
So I have some random pics here...I did just get a great pencil holder that is a statue of Trump and you put the pencil in Trumps's ass but this is a TRUMP-FREE week for me so I wont post that now.

So I took some pics of Reverend Jen who was dressed as a Troll trying to get in to see the movie Trolls for free. I think she ended up getting in half price but I have this one pic of me as a Troll...sort of. Her article about those shenanigans is in this week of the Villager paper with a hilarious pic of her Troll outfit. Then there was some Game of Thrones event at Astor Place but they wouldn't let me cut the line though I told them I am the mother of dragons and was willing to breastfeed one to prove it.
Some graffiti from Harris from the old band Letch Patrol is by the old Nino's pizza. Now that is a band I have not heard about in decades! Harris either is around or has a fan. Then APPLES THE PONY. I have no idea why it was around NYC but evgrieve posted about it too. And linked my tweet haha...When he links me my hits go from like 200-300 a day to thousands. That blog has so many readers.
Someone writing on the construction site by St new hair do with a fancy pic..and that pic I  am kissing is an autographed photo of Danny Elfman that I won at the Waggytail Bingo Benefit for dogs...I also won those crack cookies and took a pic of their bathroom door. Rochelle's is a pretty fun bar that has shows and burlesque and stuff.
My little 17 year old sick baby Harlequinn the cat had to be put down this week. It was a little sudden but she had kidney disease and various other health issues. She went peacefully in my lap at the vet's while John and I petted her and I cried for two hours. I have some of her hair to put in my pet mourning locket that has my dogs hair in it already from years ago.
Very strange year this has been I have to say. Even for me this was a weird one!

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