Thursday, December 29, 2016

Drunk Girl High Guy

Hello friend-o's! I have been lazy about blogging with the Jewmas going on and other stuff...had a small surgery which turned out to be fine...lots of waiting in Dec for John and I. Waiting for test results and this and that. We are fostering a cat named LP because she was a hoarder's cat and lived behind boxes of LP records in her own urine and feces for six years. Someone saved her but that person has so many animals now she is asleep in out closet and Delgado is nervous but excited. Since Harlequin died he seemed bored and confused. So we got him a friend and LP, now called Lottie has no teeth just like Del! I will post a pic when she is less scared and not hiding.
So here we have a GREAT NEW TV SHOW they are filming called Drunk Girl High Guy. And they want sexy Santacon revelers! Good thing my SAG dues are paid up!
Then the invite to our gig with Crumb at the famous David Zwirner Gallery! It's private when we play with about 100 people coming...fancy rich and/or famous people maybe! Then the doors open at 6pm and it should be fun. Both Aline and Robert Crumb have art up this time from Drawn Together which I love. Then a weird snowman, a girl doing some art on the walls of the basement of Csquat...
John took me to see Book of Morman which was fun and we got those great shots of the annoying costumed characters that bother everyone at Times Square. The cookie monster kept mumbling "cookie cookie cookie" and it was terrifying!
Then my friend Shayne took the pic of himself on front of these statues that spin he was helping put up on the manhattan bridge. It was in all the papers and stuff. Shayne is my ex bf and now one of my best friends and he climbs bridges anyway for fun so now he gets paid to do it.
That damn elliptical has been on St Marks for about a week now. I like that someone's resolution was to not work out anymore. And that store with the air conditioned sign is really gonna pack 'em in once it hits below zero!
New Years Eve should be fun..and I get to hang with John the night before as he's not working the ball dropping this year and things are pretty decent lately. 2016 sucked for most people I know and it had its moments for me too but for the most part I can't complain too much.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Joan Jett at Bowery Ballroom and stuff.

I had a minor surgery yesterday so I am in recovery the next few days which is fine as John is off for two weeks now and it is COLD AS MY WITCHES NIPPLES OUTSIDE. Actually I just have to ice the area on my boob every half hour so I am stuck inside but just relaxing and practicing for our gigs with Crumb in January. Yay! Good start to the new year. When i was on the meds I was saying how high I was over and over...then trying to moon people out the window and somehow it was almost fun. For surgery I guess.
I did get to see Joan Jett the other night...well she did one song actually but I got in free with my friend and it was fun. So i have pics of that and a few others...I hate hate hate winter but I see it gets to like 60 this week so I guess we need some cold to appreciate the not so cold. DEEP HUH?
Will have more fun posts soon as I will be going to some events and shows soon...but for now...this is all I got friend-o's...A few pics of Joan who looks event at Morus Museum which is in Csquat so of course  i will attend as usual this weekend...and  I WILL buy that framed FBI thing I have seen at my favorite thrift shop soon...I have coveted it for ages now...and thou shall not covet...saw someone's snow art during the first snow... and Holly and I at the Joan J show...looking blonde...

Saturday, December 10, 2016


Okay, I did it. I survived SantaCon! Well, I walked over to 2nd Ave then down to the park and back and took some pics of it anyway. I lasted about an hour and a half and most people were insane drunken assholes. However here and there I was asked to take pics of some people nicely so I did. One girl had me text one to her mom who keeps texting me back but it's in Chinese so I have no idea what she is saying. Heh. Lots of annoyed cops, people getting drinking tickets, puking and all around mayhem but not fun mayhem. Heading to Bowery Ballroom to see Joan Jett so I figured I would do a quick post while I thaw out. I hate winter so much and it's not even officially winter yet dammit.
There was one Jon Snow santa but no one knew he was supposed to be Jon Snow so his gf had to keep screaming it out and the usual Guy in Pink Bunny Suit was there doing interviews. He seems to confuse the santas and so that part is good at least.  Saw one of the SantaCon is cancelled flyers out there. Sob...If only...I added in a couple of videos too just so it's like you were there in person getting puked on as I was!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Wendigo Productions and Art on A Gallery.

Tomorrow is SantaCon so of course I need to follow drunk freezing santas for a few hours so I can blog about it but last night I hit the Art on A Gallery because they have a showing up right now that includes about 30 artists from the hood so I could not resist. I like that little space but man does it get packed when they hold events like these. I took a bunch of pics and I am not going to post all the artists names and stuff as it's too much...Mike Diana was there...Fly...Amanda Flowers... but I will post the list of ' many...along with the pics I took which are not very good but act can ya do? I use an iPhone yo...also the Bean redid their bathroom and i am in love with it and I want to move in there and never leave. That's the first pic on here under the artist list.
My SantaCon following will last about an hour or so as I got tickets to see Jessie Malin and Joan Jett tomorrow for a friend and I at Bowery Ballroom  so F the east village scene tomorrow!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Tribute to Mosaic Man Jim Power today at Astor Place! New POLES!

Today there was a very sweet and touching AND packed tribute to Jim Power who does all the amazing mosaics on the poles and stuff around the east village and has for the past three decades. Did I mention POLES? Sorry I just like the word POLE a lot!
This month is so busy and crazy for me I cannot even begin to describe it but I did meet up with a friend and took some pics and videos of Councilwoman Rosie Mendez, photographer Clayton Patterson and poet Bob Holman speaking about Jim and what his art has contributed to the hood and also got a speech from Jim himself and the unveiling of two new mosaic poles.
It was a very good turnout for a cold night and there were lots of press people there so I am sure there are some far better pics up of this all so I only took a few and stuck to videos. Ran into some people I haven't seen for a while and it was just a really nice tribute for Jim all around and well deserved. Parts of this event were also hilarious of course and my stomach hurt from laughing for an hour straight. I have some other stuff to post from a great comedy show I went to the other night but eh...I go to tons of those all the time and this was quite a scene!
Anyhoser, here is the stuffs!