Thursday, December 29, 2016

Drunk Girl High Guy

Hello friend-o's! I have been lazy about blogging with the Jewmas going on and other stuff...had a small surgery which turned out to be fine...lots of waiting in Dec for John and I. Waiting for test results and this and that. We are fostering a cat named LP because she was a hoarder's cat and lived behind boxes of LP records in her own urine and feces for six years. Someone saved her but that person has so many animals now she is asleep in out closet and Delgado is nervous but excited. Since Harlequin died he seemed bored and confused. So we got him a friend and LP, now called Lottie has no teeth just like Del! I will post a pic when she is less scared and not hiding.
So here we have a GREAT NEW TV SHOW they are filming called Drunk Girl High Guy. And they want sexy Santacon revelers! Good thing my SAG dues are paid up!
Then the invite to our gig with Crumb at the famous David Zwirner Gallery! It's private when we play with about 100 people coming...fancy rich and/or famous people maybe! Then the doors open at 6pm and it should be fun. Both Aline and Robert Crumb have art up this time from Drawn Together which I love. Then a weird snowman, a girl doing some art on the walls of the basement of Csquat...
John took me to see Book of Morman which was fun and we got those great shots of the annoying costumed characters that bother everyone at Times Square. The cookie monster kept mumbling "cookie cookie cookie" and it was terrifying!
Then my friend Shayne took the pic of himself on front of these statues that spin he was helping put up on the manhattan bridge. It was in all the papers and stuff. Shayne is my ex bf and now one of my best friends and he climbs bridges anyway for fun so now he gets paid to do it.
That damn elliptical has been on St Marks for about a week now. I like that someone's resolution was to not work out anymore. And that store with the air conditioned sign is really gonna pack 'em in once it hits below zero!
New Years Eve should be fun..and I get to hang with John the night before as he's not working the ball dropping this year and things are pretty decent lately. 2016 sucked for most people I know and it had its moments for me too but for the most part I can't complain too much.

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