Thursday, December 15, 2016

Joan Jett at Bowery Ballroom and stuff.

I had a minor surgery yesterday so I am in recovery the next few days which is fine as John is off for two weeks now and it is COLD AS MY WITCHES NIPPLES OUTSIDE. Actually I just have to ice the area on my boob every half hour so I am stuck inside but just relaxing and practicing for our gigs with Crumb in January. Yay! Good start to the new year. When i was on the meds I was saying how high I was over and over...then trying to moon people out the window and somehow it was almost fun. For surgery I guess.
I did get to see Joan Jett the other night...well she did one song actually but I got in free with my friend and it was fun. So i have pics of that and a few others...I hate hate hate winter but I see it gets to like 60 this week so I guess we need some cold to appreciate the not so cold. DEEP HUH?
Will have more fun posts soon as I will be going to some events and shows soon...but for now...this is all I got friend-o's...A few pics of Joan who looks event at Morus Museum which is in Csquat so of course  i will attend as usual this weekend...and  I WILL buy that framed FBI thing I have seen at my favorite thrift shop soon...I have coveted it for ages now...and thou shall not covet...saw someone's snow art during the first snow... and Holly and I at the Joan J show...looking blonde...


  1. Joan Jett! You have the best fun, Eden.

  2. You and Holly are so damn cute! Gotta see your new cat soon buddy!