Saturday, November 18, 2017

Clowns Clowns funny clowns!

Ahhh I am finally working on my writing and it's made me lazy about blogging! How do you like them apples? Everyone likes apples! Some friends from out of town are visiting and though it's somehow already winter I have been going out just about every night. Those pics with the clown are from a party at International Bar which is actually closing its doors next week so I will be at THAT closing party for sure. I have been going to that bar for two decades now. Coal Yard will become the new International Bar and Molly will just have the one place. I will miss running up the block from one bar to the other to see who I know at each. Sniff.
That first pic is Felton Davis setting up his telescope on east 3rd st by The Bean so people can check out the moon.
Some guy is playing the saxophone/recorder lately on 2nd ave...and take note of the hand chair that out friend Pete Popalsi is sitting in because it is my prize possession. Pete and Rika live in Sauve, France and they were in NYC as well last week....which was really fun. Then I got my hair done which is REALLY exciting! YOU LOVE IT. And I was wondering if Think Coffee will ever fix their sign then realized I don't care if they do. Would be funnier if it spelled out THC really.
I have been attending events at the Howl Happening space on east 1st st and took a video of Tish and Snookie of Manic Panic fame singing just because I love those gals.
More fun stuff to be posted during the week...John is working the Thanksgiving Day parade as usual and I will be deathly hungover from the I Bar closing party the night before so we are not traveling anymore for this holiday.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Van Heusen and yada yada yada...

Holy crap I have been busy and have neglected this blog! Been concentrating on music and going out a lot before it gets so cold that 20 degrees seems warm...Halloween was fun, I just went to a show in BK at Warsaw...I also saw my friends boyfriends Van Halen tribute band and took some pics and videos cause it was hilarious. The crotch close up somehow got 100 likes on twitter or something.
I also got a great shot of the moon last week through Felton Davis's telescope by The Bean...and I hit a great art exhibit that was all creepy stuff at the Living Gallery Outpost on east 4th st and took some pics there. My friends adorable son was NOT impressed by the Devil Baby sculpture...That hallway pic i posted that still has tons of crazy halloween stuff is on St Marks and i don't think they every plan to take them down. I wish my building went all out like that!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Halloween show in the park and shit.

Yesterday was really nice out for the annual Halloween show in Tompkins...there were going to be two shows actually but today is sort of hurricaning outside so it shall not come to pass. Maybe next week will be the rain date...Von LMO played and it was truly bizarre and though the crowd was small it was a fun show. I wish the shows would be as packed and crazy as they used to be back in the day. But at least I saw one fight and someone did OD on heroin which means it was a success!
Here are a few videos from that event and other random pics thrown in like the girl bowling whom everyone says is my evil twin...and a boxcutter blade that's been in the toilet at Tompkins for almost a week now. My friends had a sidewalk sale in front of Ray's Candy Store and displayed a giant rat with a huge slice of pizza... EXCITING STUFF PEOPLE! Oh, and the Cake Boss whoever the hell that is made a cake for the Day of the Dead fest at St. Marks Church. 
Halloween is going to fun at Warsaw with the World Inferno Friendship Society and their huge halloween shindig...I will likely escape the drunk parade of bros and sexy cats by spending the night out in BK with friends. 

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Annual Halloween Dog Run Parade in Tompkins Square Park! 2017!

oh my CHIRST ON A CRUTCH I have NEVER seen this event so packed! It took John and I almost half an hour to walk from 1st Ave into the park! We did not even attempt to watch the actual contest as the line to get into that part was a mile deep. I heard there were 25,000-30,000 people there!
We stuck it out and I got some fun pics and a video of the winner...
What a gorgeous day out too...could not ask for better unless I found a million dollars on the ground!
Such a fun October and next is Halloween which I love dearly.
There are crazy good pro pics out there I am sure...they will be up on soon I assume..but for now here are my iPhone pics and a short video. There really was a lot of cuteness going on there despite the fact that this event is just so hip now to go to. Lots of dragon dogs one with a barbie Khaleesi riding it...a martini conehead with olives, Pennywise and Gerogie...A SEXY  handmaid and her dog..and much more. And an added horse head by Ray's for added fun!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Honk NYC AND Zombie Crawl

So this past weekend was full of events and though I kinda have the beginning of a cold I went out to them...Honk fest NYC was in La Plaza and featured an all female marching band who were later joined by another marching band and we made our way to Avenue A to Drom bar for the after party which I skipped...I ended up on St Marks by Theatre 80 where I will be applying for work this week and was accosted by people dressed up like Zombies which was the Zombie Bar Crawl. It's cheesy and drunk but far better than Santa Con which is right around the corner so I joined them for a minute by doing the Thriller Dance.
I took some videos and some pics and it was all fun. Now I just need to take it easy and get ready to record with John and finish our new album finally....and work on not getting this flu everyone seems to have this week. Lots more stuff going on next weekend and of course Halloween is almost here. As  commercial as it is and as many Slutty Cats that will be out and about I still love Halloween. I plan on seeing World Inferno Friendship Society that night as usual. I's fun show and an escape from the insanity that will be going on all night when all the slutty cats will be puking on St Marks st and Avenue A too. I added in a cute pic of my friends son who was scared of the halloween decorations that are up at La Plaza now. He made me hit the witch for him. And also someone kinda wheat pasted a memorial for people who have died on the corner of Avenue A and east 5th st. I don't know who did this...Emily Mullen is there on the top right, Bob Arihood, David Peel, Adam Purple, Cowboy Stan, Spike...Erin O'Connor....not sure of the others...