Sunday, January 22, 2017

Anti Trump rallies and of course the Women's March!

Wow! What a week! As much as I am terrified of Trump and his cronies the turnouts for rallies not only in the states but in Paris, Sweden, Ghana, freaking Antarctica blow my mind! Over 3 million turned out all together! Unreal and so GREAT GREAT GREAT AND TRUMP MUST BE SAD SAD SAD!
So I am busy with guitar lessons and writing lately...those were my New Year Resolutions and to get fit as fuck with abs of steel...and they are all going well. We have a new album that is almost done and our shows with Crumb were great and our sales are nuts! I have been applying for extra work but with these sales since the gig going to the post office to ship our music has been a part time job. This will die down though we did make some connections at the shows with people who want to film us and all kinds of stuff. Sad I  wont see the Crumbs until July now but hey...we will be staying in our new house there this time!
Here are pics from all the protests I went to this week...great signs all over and peaceful and i got hugged a million times and damn it was beautiful not to sound like a hippie! Saw one of my fave artists at the celeb concert that Cher was at which was weird....Ron English is awesome though I am a big fan. Got to hang with him for a bit...But really millions protesting Trump warms the cockles of my cold, black heart. Yay!

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  1. Don't know if you remember but I lent you my sign because you liked it and we marched together for a while before you went to the dance party. Nice to meet you and happy I found this blog! It's great!