Sunday, January 8, 2017

Gigs with R Crumb, Art Exhibit with Robert and Aline!

AHHHH! busy busy busy week! Where DOES the time go? I don't have too much to post about. It's been cold and I got tons of my free SAG screeners in the mail this week so John and I have been watching two movies a night and then practicing during the day. That's been my life for over a week now. Nice that John has a week off! The Crumbs fly in tomorrow and that first pic is an invite to their show Drawn Together at the David Zwirner gallery on the 12th. We have a private show an hour before the door opens at 5pm which is what the second invite is. I got in about five people to it. Then we go to a fancy dinner later with the gallery people. Should be fun and we have a short warm up gig with Crumb at Jalopy Theatre in red hook on the around 9pm. Just a little warm up for us as we haven't played with Crumb since the summer. Our eBay sales are going nuts so the show must be announced somewhere big I think.
Then further down is Shayne on New Years Eve. He refused to wear shoes so his bar hopping didn't happen really. I had fun though and saw a lot of people and got wasted on two glasses of wine.
Then the Trump Save Us sign...yep....sigh...
And my huge cat Delgado looking at our new cat Lottie we are's like a miracle when she comes out like that and lays in her bed...she has been hiding for almost two weeks now. Poor girl. Del is fascinated by her and being so so good. He's the best cat and I am so happy I rescued him from Tulum Mexico where he was slowly dying 12 years ago. Delgado es gordo a hora! And last but NOT least is the annual holiday card the Crumbs send out to their close friends...honored to get them every year and this years takes the cake! Game of Thrones themed! Everyone drew themselves and Sophie not only drew her but also her husband and their 3 adorable kiddies. I love this thing so much!

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