Monday, January 23, 2017

Ray's annual birthday party-Persian Themed this time! Belly Dancer! Food!

Okay so it's time for some blurry pics and shaky, dark video of Ray's yearly birthday bash from me!
But hey, it's a party and I can't take the time to film it all except with my iPhone...lots of pro pics will be up tomorrow on as it was packed with people with cameras.
This time it was a little classier affair with Persian catered food from around the corner, decorations, a belly dancer, Persian music and of course a fancy cake. Ray really seemed into all this and said it was the best party yet. Considering I walked through a damn hurricane to get there it was wall to wall people. Mainly ones who are local and have been there for decades now which is great. The wind howled and the rain came down while we enjoyed fun entertainment, great food, and a happy and appreciative as always, Ray Alvarez. He said I am still his 8th wife too! Hurrah! So glad this man and the candy store I have been hanging out at since I turned 16 are still around!

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    Love ya lots so good to see you!