Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Aker Awards with Clayton Patterson! VD!

Today is VD which is a day I have always liked for some reason. Even when single I would walk around with a wilted flower in my hand looking sad just for fun. I also like the other made up love day The Sweetest Day but that's more of a northern thing I guess. I have been harassing John all day with horrible gross texts because he had to work but he gets home at 5 and we will partake in some fancy dead fish my fave! The we will have Sex-o!
Sunday night was the annual Aker Awards for artists in the hood of note and John and I were two of the 40 recipients. Fun fun night and I knew about half the people there...felt like the old east village/lower east side again for a night. I have crappy iPhone pics I will post along with the list of the winners..we each got a pizza box full of 40 items one from each of the other artists. We gave some CDs and some LPs which people seemed pretty happy about. I made a speech that was just me giggling and saying Thanks and Fuck Trump! Lincoln Anderson won one for journalism and my friend Cheryl was in the music category with John and I. The box is full of art, poetry, posters, music, a sex toy, and other fun stuff!

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