Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Fly's Birthday at Morus Museum!

So my friend and talented cartoonist/artist that I have known for decades had a little party at Csquat over the weekend. She painted the ABC No Rio mural and has a book out called Peops where she profiles people she knows who lead interesting lives and have stories to tell. She has "peoped" me and many of my friends cause we are all artistic weirdos and most have lived in squats as she does.
I will post some pics of the shindig which was actually at Morus the museum part of the building. The band Banji played and me and others bought pizza pies and other stuff. Jerry Faust the infamous drunk guy I have known forever somehow made it over there and was yelling the whole time and ate the whole pizza i bought i think but it just added to the crazy. Later on the party moved to the basement and went on for was 65 degrees out and really felt like spring. Gotta run we got some record people coming over as it's a 78rpm kinda night....


  1. Simply want to make sure you and John caught this post......I want to live there:

  2. Loved the party and you're cute as a button, a button that says squatters rights! happy birthday to fly!

  3. Never heard of that Paris museum! Sorry my comments are either messed up or I forget to put them through!