Thursday, February 9, 2017

Glitter Gutter! Snow! Freaks! Poop! What Have You!

Today was the BLIZZARD OF 2017 but all I know is I woke up at noon and it was about done and it was fun to walk around in until John got off work early and we could play guitar. He's happy about it!
Quick post before I go back to that..hit The Slipper Room for a show last night that my friend Holly got us into for free and it was great...Glitter Gutter is a mix of weird shit and burlesque and i got to see my favorite freak Mat Fraser strip down to a thong taking off even the huge fake arms he had on as a joke. I hate American Horror Story but I love Mat and his girl Julie Atlas who has been around forever. So here are some pics from that show and a few other ones I have had on my desktop for weeks now. I loved the dancer who shoved her entire fist into her mouth too. Plus the host cracked me up for some reason and I could not stop giggling at every thing he said. I will post more Trump in the future but man do I need a break!
So we have some fun spam I get about 20 times a day about pooping...Why won't Ken Burns leave me and my poop alone?? A UFO lamp I got John for his birthday which was on the part is the cow it's beaming up...that movie marquee was changed for the show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt which is a funny as fuck show...and John and I will be getting an Akers Award along with 39 other artists in various fields this sunday at Theatre 80 so that should be fun. Clayton Patterson will be giving them out as he does every year and it's nice to get one this year as local east village musicians...I will blog about that next unless something more exciting happens like I poop more than twice a day!

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