Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Okay so I have been going to pretty much every march and rally in my hood and down by Wall St and up by Trump Towers and everything is crazy and all the pics I have to post start to look the same so I have taken some of the funnier signs that I like at these events. With it being too cold to do outside work for the union I basically write(yay!), play guitar(A LOT!) and go protest that orange rectal cancer that is ruining the world. I will post some pics and the new few posts will be more fun stuff...I do hit comedy shows here and there and I see friends all the time of course. There was a rally with speakers in Tompkins a few days ago and that was pretty packed. Wait until the weather is warm if it's this crazy now! So happy to see this country rising up in protest still!
This weekend there is a rally at Stonewall I will hit up but I am going to be seeing friends and drinking wine and taking a little break before I burn out too soon.
Lots of good stuff happening to with the band and our new album and such and we are receiving an Akers Award from Clayton Patterson along with 39 other local artists on Feb 12th. That will be held at theater 80 on St Marks so that will be fun. Also, Activist Barbie™!

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  1. Kudos to you for going to all these marches! Wish I could make some of them but alas I am still laid up. Living vicariously through you as most of your readers probably are too! Keep on keeping on!