Friday, March 3, 2017

Fun show at Sweet Comedy, Brickleberry and Yucko the Clown, and other assorted assortments.

Just some old stuff I have on my desktop...I think it's funny that I made it onto IMDB for this movie my friends made Werewolf Bitches from Outer Space...I have done so much extra BG work and had a scene albeit very short with John Leguizamo in Fugly! but I just love this. Billed as the worse movie ever made it was hilarious making it with Reverend Jen and Dylan Mars Greenberg though I am in it for like ten seconds I think. I will be trying some more acting stuff hopefully when it's a bit warmer...
I hit Seth Herzog's show last week and was so happy to see some of my favorites there...Will Forte, Jorma Tacccone from the Lonely Island Guys, Janeane Garofalo was there...Joe Derosa...
The first two pics are of the one and only Yucko the Clown from Howard Stern who happens to be my sisters boyfriend now. Why do we all pal around with famous people all the time? I dont know. My sis and I are nice and funny and not assholes so I guess that's why. We don't care about some fame we like cool people, funny comedians and weirdos like Crumb. These are just Our People. Roger Black AKA Yucko has a new comic out called Brickleberry and I  love it. I will be at NYC ComicCon for sure this year hanging with the Troma folks or Yucko and my sis if they go...I was annoyed i didn't get my free pass last year cause they are just too packed and popular to let in F list celebs like me(barely) so I and others were told nope and we boycotted. This yeah will be fun though!
Have a lot going on and gotta go now...John is sitting in with the BrotherHood of the Jug Band Blues at Sidewalk Cafe tomorrow and I may join in too...gonna work on that now and some guitar which is going great! Love my uke and playing leads in it but guitar is my love now. And I am married to the best teacher and player around after all! I am also making myself write every hour a day...or five pages and if it sucks too bad. Cause some of it does not suck too bad so hey gotta keep trying!
It's spring soon and I am excited and also trying to lose 10bs I gained yay!

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