Thursday, March 16, 2017

Just ASSorted stuff. Also just wanted to throw the word ASS in there.

It's been a while since I posted(as usual)but John has been home all week so we play music and see movies and not much to post about that. I hit the women's day rally in Washington Square park but I just posted the best pics on Insta. I will be going to dozens of marches end of this month and April I don't want to burn out on those type of posts. Tomorrow i will be hitting El Jardin with friends to jump over fires Persian style cause I missed the La Plaza event by accident so that will be my next blog post. It's at 6:30 pm At El Jardin which is between Ave C and D on 4th st. It wont be that cold out so that's nice. I am ready to fry in 100 degrees but all I get is 10 degrees every day. At least I am losing weight so I can look slutty for April! It's what the kids want.

So I posted a few of the drawings Crumb did of me of Art & Beauty. It is out now as a single issue through the Fantagraphics site for under $5 and i am in that thing 4 or 5 times and even John got that one page...It can be purchased HERE and it is a great book. Posting this as I got about 100 emails asking me where to buy it on FB so...well there it is! I see I have a lot new readers lately which is nice. Must be all the band promo going on. Then there is a pic of a poor man who has had his phone "taped" and I am sure his microwave did it but hey...if you're lonely like so many are now you know you have friends watching your every move!
Then a cute pic of Holly who runs Waggytail Rescue with her pup Angelina the star. And my own foster cat Gus laying on his pillow in the closet. We got the since deleted McDonalds tweet which was hilarious....and I posted about Felton Davis selling his new mugs. He sets up the telescope by the Bean on 2nd Ave and takes cool pics for you from your phone of space and aliens.
The new art in the bathroom of that Bean speaking of the Bean is starting to get defaced..only a matter of time. And the Little House meme always cracks me up. Because I am 12 years old. More pics from tomorrow's fire jumping tomorrow and hopefully I will not catch on fire.

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  1. Fire jumping, sounds dangerous and fun, be safe.